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What We Do


.....Wild Insight supplies and advises on instrumentation used for marine wildlife and ecology research. Our manufacturing is concentrated on miniature rugged digital cameras with combined data loggers, for use in marine ecology research - hence our name "Wild Insight". The main application area for such instrumentation is behavioural studies of marine mammals.


.....Our consultancy specialises in the optical engineering and marine telemetry disciplines. We have key engineering and manufacturing staff supported by a number of associates with various other engineering and commercial skills. We are experts in novel underwater optical systems.


.....Our strengths are with our people - both engineering and manufacture, striking a balance between academic achievement and practical engineering.

We have specialist skills in the following areas:

Imaging and Illumination systems for deep sea applications
Optical systems design
Optical sensors
Mechanical design for optical systems
Marine telemetry
Materials, their behaviour and fracture mechanics
ASIC and circuit design
Vacuum encapsulation
Engineering for a high pressure environments
Satellite Linked Timed Depth Recorders
Pop-Up and Archival TDRs


We have specialist facilities as follows:

Vacuum encapsulation
Optical design and simulation
Design office
Manufacturing area
Wet test area and facilities

..The Future:

Our Plans for the Future and What We Can Do for You:

.....As a manufacturer, we are developing our current marine digital cameras and expanding into other marine instrumentation. Current projects include optical sensors and a remote release mechanism. We are always open to suggestions or requests for underwater instruments on a custom build or design basis (in fact this is what we like to do!) ....As a consultancy, we are interested in providing a design, or design and manufacture, service to clients. This may range from advice on simple optical systems through to the design and implementation of more complex systems.

..Operational Policy:

.....It is the policy of Wild Insight Limited (WIL) to meet, or exceed, the requirements and expectations of its:

by providing products made to specification, on time, at a fair price, with excellent service;
by providing excellent work environment, compensation, equipment and training;
by establishing reasonable specifications, fair dealings and prompt payment.

..Where are we?

.....We are based in Ely, near Cambridge in the UK. We have good communications with the rest of the UK, mainland Europe and beyond.

About Wild Insight
The Venus Underwater Camera
The Divers Camera